So You Want to Be a Naturalist Guide?

By Marissa Ellis-Snow  In terms of dedicated wildlife holidays, the job of the naturalist tour leader is clear-cut: to act as an ambassador between nature and human visitors. Leading tours into the wild, whether in the outback of Australia or the seas surrounding the Azores archipelago, requires a deep knowledge of the location and its history, as well as the skills to communicate that knowledge to … Continue reading So You Want to Be a Naturalist Guide?

What Is A Naturalist?

There are a few different definitions of the term ‘naturalist’. Merriam Webster defines the term as both ‘one that advocates or practices naturalism (the doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to account for all phenomena)’ or ‘a student of natural history, especially a field biologist’., on the other hand, defines naturalism as a field of science similar to but ultimately different from biology, as … Continue reading What Is A Naturalist?