Okapi: The Giraffe’s Elusive Forest Cousin

Also known as the forest, Congolese, or zebra giraffe, okapi are even toed ungulates endemic to northeast part of Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa. While these mammals look like a cross between a zebra, horse, and deer, they’re actually related to giraffes and those two species are the only living members of the Giraffidae family. Like their much taller cousins, okapi are … Continue reading Okapi: The Giraffe’s Elusive Forest Cousin

What Is Wildlife Conservation And Why Is It Important?

Wildlife conservation is a vital field that works to protect flora and fauna species and their habitats around the world from climate change effects and human encroachment. The last 200 years has seen a drastic rise in the human population, in addition to the industrial and digital revolutions. Capitalism and wealth inequality are having an impressively negative effect on the planet, as just 100 companies … Continue reading What Is Wildlife Conservation And Why Is It Important?

World Giraffe Day

Today, June 21st, is World Giraffe Day! This day was initiated to raise awareness for giraffes by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, an international science-based conservation organization that works to protect giraffes and habitats through a variety of projects. And unfortunately, these animals need plenty of help, as there are roughly 117,000 giraffes left in the wild. There are nine different subspecies and their ICUN status … Continue reading World Giraffe Day